Sharp Ply, a widely recognised brand across India is known for its deep involvement in the fields of Architecture, Building Construction, Interiors, Sports Flooring’s, Automotive Body Building, Industrial Patterns & Dies and Packing and Palleting. Company that has a headquarters in Bangalore, has a wide presence across various cities of India.

The brand is also known for its innovative concepts and has an excellent networking with deep inroads into a broad spectrum of industry.

Why Sharp Ply?

No doubt, the initial investment on this material is a wee bit more, but the results are amazing.

After all are we after saving the pennies?

Just select Sharp Ply and experience the joy of perfection.

Sharp ply has a variety of products that equip the construction industry for the best results. Sharp Ply has the largest variety and stocks of special plywoods in a wide range of sizes.

Call Us, we will fill you up on the details.

Make a good beginning. After all, as the saying goes, “well begun, is more than half done”


Laminated Veneer Lumber

Pin Wood Battens

Shuttring Plywood

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Sharp Ply

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