Prestige Interio Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of premium prelaminated boards, plywood, MDF, particle board, and flushdoors. Since 1982 all our products are recognized for their quality and durability.

Since 2012, we are first in India to manufacture super high gloss prelaminated boards – OpuLuxTM using imported engineered thermoplastic laminates (ABS-PMMA) and acrylic on water proof plywood, MDF, and particle board bonded by the best quality German PUR hotmelt adhesive using flat lamination technology. Because of their excellent heat and moisture resistance, and environmental friendly construction, OpuLux boards are used in a variety of interior furniture application.

In addition to OpuLux super high gloss prelaminated boards, we offer a host of other products like plywood, MDF, and particle board.


  • OpuLux – Scratch Proof Presentation
  • OpuLux – Scratch Proof Brochure
  • OpuLux – Classic Presentation
  • OpuLux – Classic Brochure


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