Situated in Ahmadabad, Noctelam possesses one of the most advanced laminate plants in the country with highly advanced and latest machinery imported from leading German companies.

Company sources qualitative imported raw material, the finest Decorative design paper sourced from Japan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Germany to impart a world class look to its laminates. NOCTE Lam is company’s flagship brand. Unlike other brands, which resort to using local paper and poor results, Nocte lam designs are always clear, fresh and brighter and also so beautiful that it resembles its tag line ”NAZAR NA HATEY”.

As rightly said, ‘Big thinkers see themselves as members of a team effort, winning or losing with the team, not by themselves’, it is the spirit of being a team that matters the most to the people behind Nocte Lam.

Right from the selection of finest material to the complete satisfaction of the client, team Nocte plays a crucial role. Through professional handling, managing, and marketing, this brand has come a long way. Today, it is known in the country for quality, commitment, and service.


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