Natural Stones Surface – A posh-look Obsession

Natural  stone surface is an emerging trend that adds a distinctive dimension to  any space. Its rustic texture and refined form adds a touch of inherent warmth, enduring character and visual drama, making the space temptingly touchable.

Whether its exterior or interior, Natural stone tiles or ledger panels adds a flamboyant confidence of style to it. Its ageless architectural appeal and unique appearances pose high-impact means, for adding sophisticated substance to any living space. Natural stone surface continues to grow in popularity because of their health, environmental and aesthetic benefits.


Stacked natural stones prevails for its endless benefits such as, durability, easy to clean, attractive options to suit any decorating style, etc; Their key benefits can be summarised as follows :

  • Designed for quick and easy installation by professional and do-it-yourself installers, which make them an economical choice for numerous applications.
  • The modular panels lock together in puzzle-like fashion thus, surfaces have a seamless appearance, which in turn emphasizes the panels’ earthen beginnings and rustic profiles.

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  • Crafted from trimmed pieces of limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, or quartzite, making them handsome, eco-friendly, and appropriate for living-green designs.
  • Their looks withstand year’s worth of wear and tear; endure for a lifetime. Its more durable and can withstand changing weather.

Ceramic Tiles

Natural Stones

Homogenous composition Unique composition
Low absorbency, thin & lightweight, corrugated backing Differs from category to category
Acid resistant Acid sensitivity varies from stone to stone
Only one plain finish & practically no edge finishes Have a whole spectrum of finishes with different types of edges
Sizes are restricted & patterns are very uniform and geometric No size restriction. Available in slabs. Natural, random patterns are found

(Difference between ceramic tiles and natural stones)

  • Available in an array of colors and combinations, brings stylish silhouettes to spaces of all sizes and styles.

Hence, natural stone surface are one-of-a-kind that will bring everlasting beauty to your home and landscape with a more customized look and seamless appearance.


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