With a long tradition in the manufacture of the ceramic field The METRO GROUP starts from terracotta roofing tiles since 1981 named COMMON WEALTH TILES COMPANY.

At present the METRO GROUP consists of 4 giant ceramic products manufacturing units. It has experienced in the last 33 years a qualitative growth recognized by the market. The continues evolution that characterized it & which turns it into an undeniable group of success is due to the important investment that are being made, especially in the area of manufacturing proceed. The secret behind this success lies in the cohesion of the METRO family & in ability to combine technology & research, design & tradition, which are the accentual qualities needed to guarantee constant growth of the group.

Three generations that shares the same great passion: ceramics for quality. A history of commitment & dedication, which began with Mr. R. L. Patel, A path finder in this field, and was continued by his son Mr. Shekhar Patel & Mr. Dilip Patel & by his Grand Sons.

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METRO City Tiles

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