Living Room Essentials

The Living Room is the space that provides comforting aesthetic to a house. Whatever your style might skew toward, here are few essentials that every living room must possess.

  • SOFA : The most commanding piece that sets the tone for the room

sofa set

  • LANDING PAD : A soft landing pad for the floor to designate the boundaries of specific area

landing pad

  • ENTERTAINMENT UNIT : The most crucial element for keeping maverick links and modems under wraps

entertainment unit

  • COFFEE TABLE : They cater to your common aesthetic needs

coffee table

  • TRAY : A multipurpose beautifying tray to keep coffee table clutter free


  • ART PIECE : A good and decent eye catchy art piece on the walls to liven up the room and give the feeling of individuality


  • LIGHTING : This can have an equally strong impact on the minimal aesthetic of the room


  • SIDE TABLE : A chic storage solution for the remote

side table

  • A Versatile piece that can double as extra seating, for when there’s company

extra seating

  • COLOR : Pops of color in unexpected places, preferably in the form of cozy textures


  • SHELVES : Hold your prized collection of titles


  • DECORATIVE ACCENTS : For the coffee table, in light of usefulness


  • COZY SPOT : worth sinking into; another way to fill that unbalanced corner


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