Inexpensive House Renovation

Now you can spruce up your home without emptying your pockets. Check out these budget friendly benevolent and modest ideas that can help get a stunning makeover that goes by your personality and lifestyle.

  • Painting one part of the wall in a contrasting color than the rest of the room color adds an instantly new, fresh and bold look to your existing interior. You can go for a darker shade than the rest else an accent color. Glitz it up adding a piece of furniture an accent color and a decorative and appealing rug.


  • Recreate your old side table or console by adding a storage rack on the bottom and painting an accent color or adding a sheet of wooden laminate. In case the old furniture piece is not sturdy you can always get it exchanged for a modern furniture having mirrored surface that goes with any look.
  • Add accent lighting, it can do a lot for the room at night. For this you can plant lights on timers, picture lights, spotlight on sculpture, etc; Put dimmers on all other lighting in the room.


  • Lets add some interest to your walls. Rearrange the pictures hung. Make short shelves from antique moulding to make showcase where you can keep your collections like sculptures, candles, glass items, etc; No doubt, one can find decorative items from kitchen too such as, platters, containers that can hold trailing greenery, handmade bowls, etc; Hang small mirrors in decorative chains to create partition screens. Around the decorative platters try to add an empty antique frame.
  • Redo boring solid color lamp shades by adding fabric. They are plenty of simple and easy DIY ideas to decorate your old lamp shades over internet.
  • Add monogrammed towels to the bathroom rather than boring classy whites.
  • Outline your bathroom mirror with antique moulding, polyurethane moulding painted in an accent color, upholstery braid, or outdoor ribbon.

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