Directed by Sunitha Kondur and Bijoy Ramachandran, Hundredhands is a multidisciplinary design studio whose work draws on a keen sense of the urban. Often represented in patiently executed analytical drawings, the architects have redirected their focus on the urban context by returning to the questions of scale, character, spatial and visual impact, and remaking the public domain, all of which is so vital to the tempestuous urbanism of Indian cities.

Projects executed: Alila, Shahjahan apartment, Centres of hope in Trichy, Indian music experience, Indous venture, Nua, Parachute pavilion, Raja ra mane, Sabre holdings, Seven hotel, Taaqademy, The chambers, The wavefront, Ukn properties, Vdb argent, rivermist & cardinal.

No. of projects done: 20+


Year of establishment: 2003


Size of team: 10


Services offered: Architecture, Interior design, Urban planning & design.


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Bijoy Ramachandran
Bijoy and Sunitha Kondur founded Hundredhands in 2003. Prior to this he worked with Koetter, Kim & Associates in Boston and Cooper, Robertson & Partners in New York. He primarily worked on master plans and Urban Design projects at these two firms.
Sunitha kondur
Sunitha and Bijoy Ramachandran founded Hundredhands in 2003. Prior to this she was senior project manager at The Brown Companies, New York and was involved in an exclusive residential development in the Hamptons working with a hand picked group of international architects.




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