Coherent Lighting Strategy for Small Apartments

Overcome the conspicuous drawbacks of small apartments such as poor lighting. Civilfloor brings you some lighting strategies to improve lighting in small apartments as follows :

  • Natural lights always aid in having well-illuminated rooms – This self-evident strategy is subject to specific circumstances. Avoid stacking up unused stuff near the window and heavy curtains in order to let in the precious daylight. But in case your apartment is shaded by other buildings then you have to resort to another strategy.


  • The single light color is always genuinely appreciated – A single light color can help in avoiding the impression of clutter mainly due to multifold color. Although it is appealing, violently dark and different color stands out easily but makes you stress on choosing furniture that can go with the look. While in the case of a single light color throughout you are left with options of having beige color furniture to add to the beauty of the well-lit look of the room.


  • Mirrors can create illusionary brightness – With the help of the mirrors, light is reflected and can be directed to corners not straightforwardly lit up by lamps. With mirrors fixed opposite to each other, you create almost unlimited space.


  • Go for extra lighting fixtures – They are of great help. It requires drilling holes and rearranging electric circuits for a considerable operation. In case its a no go for you then table or floor lamps are more considerable. It is convenient to move lamps of proper size, color, shape and style to fit in your apartment.

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  • Add fun with night lights – If you find the routine lighting options dull and faceless, you can have a shot at night lights. These lights are usually small in size and conveniently portable. Powered by battery, they are safe to operate in a variety of environments. Candle shaped night lights are the most commonplace. You can arrange candle lights in different shapes and patterns on tables, night stands and around your bathtub. With different colors you can conjure up more amazing effects.

night lamp


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