We have been into operation since 1990 happened due to serendipity’s qualified architect wanting to work on one’s own and rapid changes in the scenario of house building in Indian housing market. The location for all this was the young vibrant city of Bangalore. Begun as a single person practise, which provided economical solutions with a very dedicated sense of integrity in all financial dealings and later grew upto 20 members.

Projects executed: Prithvi & Purushotam, Chitra & Vishwanath, Priya & Sharat Hedge, Sai Shrihanth, Dr.Satish & Prabha Chandra, Kumuda & Renji, K.R. Venkatesh, Dr.R.G.Kumblet, Lalitha Mandana & Family, Pradeep & Pushpa Shama Hussain Linda & Ranjan Ray, Ratavaid & Uma.


Chitra Vishwanath


Architects is a design firm based in Bangalore, focusing on ecology and architecture in which various architects have joined and contributed throughout India and Africa. The philosophy followed is to employ local resources in an optimized way, to plan considering the natural elements, passively and actively, and to render the social impact of construction positive, improving lifestyle quality of both, the doers and the users. As part of the range of resources used, “mud” is a major component since it is well suited for local conditions, is relatively labor intensive and locally available.


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Chitra Vishwanath Architect

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