Building Materials- The Emerging Construction Industry Requirements


Building Materials are the basic materials used for the construction or repair of structures; its purposes and operating conditions account for the selection of its varieties and the great diversity in its availability.

Building materials may be divided into 11 basic groups according to processing and functional criteria :

  1. Natural Masonry Materials
  2. Timber and Wood Products
  3. Ceramic Materials and Products
  4. Inorganic binders
  5. Concretes and Mortars
  6. Metals
  7. Heat-Insulating Materials
  8. Glass
  9. Organic Binders and Waterproofing Materials
  10. Polymer Building Materials
  11. Varnishes and Paints brings you the detailed technical and manufacturing process of various building materials used in Construction Industry. To read more click on the desired links :

  1. Plywood –
  2. Cement –
  3. UPVC –
  4. Marbles & Granite –
  5. Natural Stone Tiles –
  6. Concrete Blocks –

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