We aim to revolutionize the world of home illumination by fusing art with the eternal need for illuminating one’s surroundings. This brand has been the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs from Bangalore – Nidhi and Nishta Agarwal who intends to bring about a paradigm shift in the field of home illumination.

Nidhi Agarwal is an interior designer by profession, and possesses a four-year degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design from the US. Nishta Agarwal on the other hand has completed her postgraduate degree in footwear technology and management from FDDI, Noida. Nishta has vast range in her work experience including working as Brand Manager for Hidesign, and sourcing various design solutions to top brands in the UK.

Nidhi has been a prominent face as an interior designer and has been offering quality interiors to her clients under the brand of Neospace for the past several years. She has wonderfully fused the sensibilities of the East and the West, and company has had a steady presence in the export market of soft home furnishings to the western market I n general and the United States in particular. She also writes articles in various major dailies in India, and she has participated as lead designer in various home makeover shows on TV.

Artitude aims to change the very concept of residential illumination by taking it the next level and fusing it with aesthetics of art for creating functional art. Products from Artitude possess versatility which makes it possible for a single piece to serve as an exquisite wooden lamp, as well as, a table, all while retaining its breathtaking display of artistic splendour.

Artitude has come into being with the ambition of turning every house into a home, an abode, by providing its warmth in every corner, in addition to the customary illumination.



Nidhi Agarwal
Interior Designer

Nidhi is an interior designer, with a four year degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design from the US. She has been creating beautiful interiors for the past several years, under the brand Neospace. She has also played the role of lead designer and anchor on TV shows based on home makeovers and is also regularly invited to write articles for major national dailies in India on Interior Design. Her design aesthetics are based on a fusion of eastern and western sensibilities as she used to run a company which exported soft home furnishings to the western market, particularly USA. Nidhi, likes to dabble in poetry and painting, and also has a passion for the mountains, which takes her on high altitude Himalayan treks. She considers herself a traveller on the journey called life, learning and growing along the path.


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