A laminate brand behind every perfect setting.An artist who likes to push the boundaries of imagination to adorn every space.An epitome of contemporary living.A world of limitless décor ideas. Argo Laminates is a known name in the world of laminates. Backed by a solid team of visionaries, artist, architects and interior designers, we are a company of paradoxical tastes and styles which produces not simply decorative laminates but trends and new possibilities.
Excellence is not just in our mind but products too. We believe in persistent innovation and in creating home décor products that can modernize the modern lifestyles and enhance imaginations. At Argo Laminates, beauty is always tough. Our each laminate reflects the new dimensions of quality and durability. With exceptional manufacturing facilities, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of residential and commercial laminates and related products. To sum it up, we convert dream homes into a reality through the broadest known spectrum of colours, textures and designs.
By providing a wide range of designs and color patterns, we endeavour to create amazing life spaces. Wood, Stone, cloth, metal etc. every steps we introduces new patterns, designs, and new materials for its melamine laminated sheets to meet the fast changing trends and need of the times. ARGO needs to be sensitive to the trends of the times and the movement of society. ‘Life Coloring Chemistry’ is the key phrase of ARGO which aims to color people’s lives by using the power of chemistry. ARGO makes sure it offers trendy designs representing a superb balance of pattern, colour and texture.








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ARGO Laminates

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