Acrylic Laminates- A Hi-Gloss Trend Setter

Acrylic Laminates

Nothing can match the impressive appearance and unmatched styling options when it comes to Laminates extensively used for interior decoration. Laminates are obtainable in extensive range of choices that can help refurbish any area and is one of the best feasible floor choice to meet the variegated needs of individuals.

Acrylic laminates are the high gloss laminates with exclusive features and are best suited for interior use that will likely continue to thrive. High gloss can create emphatic contrast, particularly when used with surfaces that reflect nature, like the dark, textured wood grains that are also waxing in popularity. A color trend that is increasing in popularity involves using high gloss for accent colors that really pop. They offer a high value for one time, long term investment. It is extremely versatile and useable material. It comes in standard size of 1220 mm * 2440 mm. These laminates can be cut, routed and drilled to remove any burrs that may occur in the cutting process. These laminates are easy to apply with the standard laminating system so no more worries of using heat activated adhesives.


Acrylic laminates are made with quality acrylic material using sharp edge technology. They are acclaimed for its long life and impeccable finish.

Manufacturing process: This relatively new material, acrylic laminate is increasing in popularity in the present market. The material is specially manufactured so that the high level of gloss is consistent throughout the panel. While this may seem a bit like over-engineering for a surface aesthetic, the solid nature of the material allows for easy re-finishing and repair, suggesting a long product life cycle. Additionally, solid high-gloss acrylic panels are waterproof and will not warp or yellow in the sun.

High gloss acrylic laminate can be achieved by laying up a thin panel of acrylic on top of a substrate. The panels typically receive an edge treatment that seals them and the substrate material can be specified to be water resistant.

Subtracts should be of good quality plywood, block boards, MDF, particle boards, gypsum board, cement boards, calcium silicate boards, steel, aluminium, WPC, PVC, foam boards, etc; and the face must be smooth and free of grease, wet dust.

Some of its features are: Sound absorbent, affordable, sturdy, anti-bacterial, superior appearance, eco friendly, sheen mirror finish with no ripples, chemical resistant, flame-retardant, high UV & heat resistant, durable, easy to clean, use and maintain, etc;

Some of the applications are: Cabinets, Window and Door decoration, Vehicle and Vessel lining of the body, Interior decoration (like sound absorption panel, wall cladding, ceiling panel), etc;

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